The sons of Apollo

A Mthy By: Steven Besa

The sons of Apollo

Long ago there were two kids named Michael and Travis, who were the sons of Apollo . They were always bragging about how who their father was, and how they were better than everybody else. Michael and Travis were always bragging about how they were richer than everybody. The could always ask Apollo for stuff and he would give it to them ,but Apollo was starting to get stressed about how they were acting and how they treated everybody.

One day he told Michael and Travis to pack their things because they were going on a trip. Apollo was going to send them to the most poorest place in world , with no money or food they would have to survive on their own, but what Apollo didn’t know was that there was going to be a volcano that was going to have an eruption in a couple of days.

Apollo took his sons on his sun chariot with all their stuff to drop them off to the poorest place in the world .Once Apollo and his sons got there he dropped them off to a man they called the horse saver . The horse saver helped Apollo with his horses. when Apollo was leaving he could see the sad faces on his two sons faces. They cried , begged , and pleaded for them not to stay with the horse keeper , but Apollo told them that they needed to learn their lesson.

So as they watched their farther zoom away on his chariot they got even sadder and sadder. They had to stay at that village for 2 moths just by looking at them the horse keeper could tell that they would not last the time that they would have to stay there. The horse keeper made them do work for him he made them do volunteer work he also made them help out at the stables were the horses were. Until one day Michael and Travis were in the village looking for food for the horse’s they over heard two people taking about the old volcano on the mountain and how it was going to erupt any day this week. The boys rushed to get back to the farm. When they got there they saw that the horse saver was packing their and his stuff , the horse saver told that they needed to hurry up because he had called their dad for him to pick them up from the village .the horse saver was in such a hurry he didn’t want Apollo kids to get in a horrible tragic accident , because he knew that their farther would be sad knowing that his kids lives have been taken away from a volcano eruption. So right when Apollo got there to pick up Michael and Travis , he said thank you for all the things the horse saver has done to make his kids less greedy, but when he said thank you all he hears is a big boom he knew what was going to happen he could tell that there was going to be an eruption. The horse saver quikly got his stuff and got on one of his horse’s and tried to get away out of the village as soon as possible . right when he got on his horse the volcano was starting to erupt . As apollo and his kids wacthed the horse saver ride away on his horse. as they left they saw the village fall a part out the conner of their eyes.