the location (what continent its on and what countries surround. southern eurooe ,athens ,mediterrancer sea.aegean sea, latissa.

geograpy part two

Major landforms (physical features) crete and evla are its two largest is land mount Olympus.Major landmarks (human geographic features) Acropolis. Major bodies of water . a lot of water.


is it a rich nation or a poor nation (GDP) rich nation.What kind of money do they use/have Euro,238 billion.What is their main import or export (i.e.oil,crops,etc. cotton, pisttachios,rice,olives.


The major language (s) spoken in that country . Engish,French. Holiddays what are they marjor holidays christus.

religions -what is the main region and what that religion's beliefs

Eastern or Thodoxy.Food -give an example of a dish that is popular and what it contains skrdara,wainuts ,almands,garlic,olive oil.


General wheather conditions mild wet winters and hot dry summer.Average yearly rainfall. mild wet winters and hot dry summers.

compare and contrast:

Chose 2 aspects of your country's (religion,government food, language, housing clothing, ectc.)they have the same oecd member and they have same member of the cnited nations.