CGES Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1

Principal's Message


It is difficult to believe that the end of summer break is here and the new school year begins in just one week! This will be my 27th start of a school year as an educator and I predict one of the best is ahead.

After enjoying some time off with my daughter, Charlotte, I started in the office at CGES on July 5th and I am very excited to greet the students next Wednesday. The staff at CGES has been working very hard to prepare for a smooth start to the school year! The classrooms and building look amazing!

Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed meeting many members of the school community and am looking forward to meeting many more in the coming weeks. I am excited to welcome families on the evening of August 2nd for Back to School and all students on the morning of August 3rd for the start of the school year!

Every school year provides it's own unique set of challenges, but I believe by working together a successful school year is on the horizon! My email is and the school number is 317-881-1720.

Enjoy the final days of summer break and begin preparing for the first few days of the school year! See you soon!


Mr. Buckler

AP's Announcements

Hello, Knights!

I hope you all had a relaxing and safe summer. I can't wait to see all your smiling faces next week and hear about the fun things you and your families have been up to. I have enjoyed spending my summer break chasing around my kids- Maddie (14 yr), Tim (4 yr), Waylon (2 yr) and Sadie (6 months). We have loved swimming, travelling, and reading this summer. I am recharged and ready to start the school year! Enjoy your last week of summer before school starts. We are going to have a fantastic year together!

All the best,

Mrs. Rollings

Counselor's Corner

Hello and Welcome Back!

My name is Jennifer Taylor, and I am the school counselor. As I begin my second year at CGES, I truly look forward to getting to know even more of you! I am so excited to begin another school year, but as some of you may already know, not everyone feels the same. Please remember that it is perfectly normal for kids to feel anxious, nervous, or even mad about the return to school. For some, these changes bring on feelings of insecurity and a genuine fear of the unknown. In many cases, our children look to us to determine their own attitudes and feelings. In other words, if you act excited about their new school year adventures, they are more likely to feel the same way. For some, they just need to know that everything is going to be okay. Please tell them that all the adults at CGES have been working hard to get ready and are looking forward to spending an amazing year getting to know them.

See you soon!

Mrs. Taylor

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Amazing August

Mark your calendars for the events that will be taking place this August!

August 2nd - Meet the Teacher Night, K-2 @ 5:30, 3-5 @ 6:00

August 3rd - First Day of School for Students

August 9th - PTO Meeting @ 6:30 in CGES Library

August 10th - Early Release @ 3:00

August 12th - Fall Picture Day

August 17th - Early Release @ 3:00

August 19th - Back to School Picnic, 5:30 - 7:00

August 24th - Early Release @ 3:00

August 25th - September 13th - Fun Run Donation Drive

August 31st - Early Release @ 3:00

Welcome to New Staff

Please welcome the following new staff members:

Erin Kelly - 4th Grade Classroom Teacher

McKenzie Harold - 5th Grade Classroom Teacher

Alee Rochner - 5th Grade Classroom Teacher

Emily Ward - Instructional Assistant

Brittany Cecil - Instructional Assistant

Courtney Lawson - Cafeteria Manager

We are excited to have these new staff members join CGES!

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Back to School Picnic, Friday, August 19th from 5:30 - 7:00 Join the fun!

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Pick Up Patrol

Pickup Patrol is now up and running. If you are new to Center Grove Elementary School, please register your student and set a Default Plan as to how your student will get home. For returning parents, please update your child’s Default Plan for the new school year. We need a Default Plan entered for every student, even if you already notified the teacher as to how your student will be getting home. Keep in mind that many of the bus routes have changed, so your child might be assigned to a different bus this school year. Please check Skyward to see what bus your student is assigned to before updating PUP.

In order to make the program work, every Center Grove family will need to set up an account with Pick Up Patrol. You should have received an email from Pickup Patrol that contains your individual link to start the process. Once you set up your account you can login to their website and enter your child’s Default Dismissal Plan. It will be our only Absence Reporting and Dismissal option. Instead of sending notes, emails, or leaving a voicemail, all you do is login to your Pick Up Patrol account and mark your child absent or enter your dismissal change for the day. Your account is available 24 hours a day and can be set up for future dismissal changes.

Below are guidelines and information about our dismissal options:

  1. Absences and Late Arrivals need to be entered by 9:00 am. You will need to enter the information that will be requested.

  2. Changes to your default dismissal plan must be entered by 2:30 pm (1:45 pm on Wednesday). This will give us time to print our reports and notify teachers. We will follow the dismissal plan in place each day unless a change is made. If a change is not entered, your child will go home according to the default plan.

  3. In the case of a two household family, the parent listed as Family 1 in Skyward should set the Default plan. Changes due to your alternating schedules will need to be entered as dismissal changes either daily or set up ahead. Each student can have only one default plan and Pickup Patrol will send emails to both parents’ email when changes are made to that plan.

ABSENT - If your child will not be at school just choose the dismissal option titled “Absent”. You will be asked to enter the reason, such as stomach flu, headache, vacation, or funeral. Please be specific for absence due to illness. For an absence to be considered excused you will need to provide a doctor’s note, or in the case of a funeral, please provide an obituary.

EXCUSED BY SCHOOL NURSE - If your child is sent home by the school nurse, and she tells you that he/she should stay home the next school day, choose “Excused by School Nurse”. These absences are considered excused.

LATE ARRIVAL - If your child will be coming in late, choose the “Late Arrival” dismissal option. You will be asked to enter the reason. For a late arrival to be considered excused, you will need to provide a doctor’s note to the office. When the student arrives at the school, the office will update the dismissal plan to the option you choose.

EARLY DISMISSAL - Do you need to pick up your child early? Pick the “Early Dismissal” option. You will be asked to enter the time, reason, and the FULL NAME of the person picking up your child. We will ask to see a driver’s license every time a student is picked up from the office, regardless of the reason.

CAR RIDER - This option is designated for students that are picked up everyday. You will need to be assigned a car # from the school office to use this option. If you have already received your car #, it has been entered in your Default plan for you.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB OR ACTIVITY, DAYCARE, VANS, BUS - These options are self-explanatory. Please enter information if prompted. Please note - students are NOT allowed to ride a bus that they are not assigned to this year for any reason.

Thank you for setting up your Pickup Patrol account and Default Plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the CGES Office.

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