Summer Updates

Summer 2022

Welcome to the Child Development Centers

Welcome to the Greenville Child Development Centers where we work with children and families toward “Laying the Foundation for Future Success”. We are thrilled to have you join us at one of our five Child Development Centers in the Greenville County Public School system.

The summer is an exciting time for educators, parents and children alike. As educators we prepare for the upcoming year with eagerness and excitement to ensure that our children have engaging and creative experiences that allow them to develop into enthusiastic learners. As parents, this is a wonderful time to love, care for and connect with your child through activities that may not be possible during the school year.

Below are some frequently asked questions that we often receive in the summer from our incoming parents, therefore, we hope these help you with your planning and anticipation of starting with the Greenville County Schools:

When does school start? Monday, August 15 will be the first day for SOME children but, keep in mind, the first week of school will be a staggered start so your child will attend ONE day that week. A individualized message assigning your child's day will be sent to you in Mid-July. We will begin a full 5-days a week for every child the following week, August 22.

When do we meet our teachers? Teachers will call you the week of August 8th and let you know when and how to meet your child’s teaching team and see the classroom. Also, keep an eye on this website’s Google Calendar for other important events.

What are the school hours? 7:45am-2:15pm

What supplies will my child need? You will not need to purchase any supplies for school this year. We only ask that children come to school with a water bottle, clean blanket and extra change of clothing.

Can my child take medication at school? Yes, if your doctor and you have completed the medicine form provided by the school nurse.

How does busing work? Once you sign up for bus transportation (at the CDC front office or Greenview Child Development Center in the summer), you will receive a phone call from the bus company (usually in August) for an approximate time of pick-up and drop-off. All students are given a tag number and the parent (or designee) MUST have the matching tag at the bus stop to retrieve the child.

Please remember we are here to help make this a wonderful new experience for you and your child so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Amanda Lecaroz

CDC Principal