My scientific career

Wildlife biologist: Life Science

Education path:

To start this career you need a degree in wildlife science. In this major you learn about endangered species, and wildlife rehabilitation. Other classes you could take to prepare for being a wildlife biologist are biology, environmental science, or wildlife management.


The college that I would go to for this career is UW Stevens point. I chose this college because it is not only close but it also has the courses needed to be a wildlife biologist. The average grade point average is 3.42, average act scores are between 18 and 23, the average sat math scores are between 500 and 599, sat reading average is between 500 and 599

About the job

Observe and study nature and wildlife , take notes on what you observe. If needed, assist in the growth of plants, and rehabilitation of wildlife.

Employment openings

Finding a career opening in Wisconsin would be pretty easy, but not as easy as in states that have many national parks, and forests.

Salary and employment

In Wisconsin the pay ranges from 38550-94610 dollars

Nation pay ranges from 35660-93450 dollars

Employer: crystal cave inc.

Location: spring valley WI

Career summary: I could see myself having this job some time in the future. I like every thing about this job except for the writing of reports.