Haiti Water Crisis

Its unbeleivable


The population of Haiti-10,461,406

located in the caribbean sea

3 Statistics

  1. Income per capita: US$550, making it the second poorest in the Americas.
  2. Life expectancy: 61 years
  3. Half of the children under 5 are malnourished

Summary of the Problems

Haiti a small country in the carribean sea, whos people are suffering with a water crisis.This is due to some people not having enough money to buy fresh water.Others have to rely on gathering water from "garbage filled" rivers. Access to fresh,clean water is a main concern in Haiti because of various waterborne diseases.

Possible Solutions:

a possible solution to solve the water crisis in haiti is that the US could donate water to ones in need. We could also send volunteers to haiti to pick up the trash in the water sources.
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