Make a huge change in tiny lives

Blessings For Babies

Blessings for Babies

Help make a huge difference in tiny lives. Donate today to contribute to the charity.

Blessings for babies is a charity work started up by three eighth graders. We got the idea from an experience one of us had over the Summer. Here is her story-

"I remember volunteering with my friends at this homeless shelter. For me, it was a spur the moment decision. I remember the kids elation when the volunteers came. They played and played for hours. What little they had was enough to occupy them. I saw their cubicles. In their cubicles were two twin beds, pictures, a few toys, and some bible verses. I remember leaving feeling very blessed. I continued to go there every Tuesday for the remainder of the Summer. Each time I came back, the more attached I became. Once school started, I was unable to go back. I decided to commit myself to spreading some of my fortunes to this home somehow, someday."

This goal has gotten us to where we are today. We have created many things and are already working on our first donation box. I can't wait to surprise the shelter with baby essentials, toys, and pre-school supplies.


How to Help


Create a picture or letter details

Create a colorful, fun, and radiant picture for the children. This must be hand drawn. You can draw for the boys or girls. It would be best if you drew T.V characters or Disney/Pixar character. If you are not good at drawing you could write letters to the children, the people working there, or the mothers who are trying to support their children. For the children tell them stories or maybe talk about movies or topics that might lift their spirits. For the workers you could write a letter of appreciation. And for the mothers, you can write them a thank you for trying to support their children or give them a word of encouragement. We will be putting the letters or pictures in the boxes each month.

**We will review all picture or letters sent to make sure that they are good for the children, workers or mothers.

Contact us!

Anything helps, please consider helping, thank you.


Important Dates

Donation Money for November's Box

Saturday, Oct. 29th, 1am to Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 3am

This is an online event.

Donate the money by this date for the November's box or wait until next month.

Who we are

We are three eighth graders from Georgia. We started this charity and dream of it expanding. We all shoot for the moon, and have high expectations for ourselves. We would like to see the world as a better place, with your help. We have come up with the blessings for babies foundation. We create boxes of essentials, toys, and learning supplies for the homeless children of Georgia, all starting from your donations.