KYA Intensive Bootcamp for the Soul

Inner Story to Outer Glory

Inner Story to Outer Glory

What's Putting the "BRAKES" on your "BREAKTHROUGH"?

* Do you feel you were born for more?

* Are you ready to breakthrough your "stuck" and experience your full potential?

* If you were "crystal clear" in what you wanted to accomplish, how would your life transform?

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KYA Intensive Bootcamp for the SOUL - Inner Story to Outer Glory

Thursday, May 24th, 5pm to Sunday, May 27th, 12pm

Mago Retreat, Sedona, AZ, United States

You will receive exact directions upon registration.

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Say YES to Yourself! Great Gift!

Bring in the New Year with a promise for a New You!

Do You Feel You Were Born For More?

Finding your Inner Story, your True Value and Worth, and bringing it out to the Outer Glory, is a way for you to find your personal freedom AND get to the next best version of you. YES, YOU....2.0!!!

It's your EVOLUTION! It's your LIFE! It's your FREEDOM!!!!

Through some "unconventional" methods, exploration, experiential, interactive avenues, Joyce, Colin and Christine guide you in a safe, protected and nonjudgmental environment to the next step in Your Evolution, to YOU 2.0.

What's Holding You Back from taking your Quantum Leap?

Is it the voice within your head telling you:

* You have to wait until you "retire" to start living your life?

* Do you really think you can achieve already have arrived at your'll wear yourself out!

* You'll never make it on your own, you're not good enough, smart enough, young enough, talented enough....

Are you wondering....

* Is there more to life than the "cubicle" I'm in ?

* Is that all there is?

Joyce, Colin and Christine have all experienced the corporate business "9 to 5" lifestyle in their lives. Colin was an accountant. Christine, a Sales Director for a firm dealing in high ticket sales. Joyce was in the field of Real Estate, from top salesperson, to Broker, to Corporate Sales Trainer. All three have gone from just a "9 - 5" to making it on their own terms, with personal freedom doing what they love, with people they love and living their dream life.


PAY IN FULL ($3997) and RECEIVE: Guarantee of a PRIVATE ROOM. Bring in the New Year with a promise for a New You!

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Your Adventure Guides to Motivation, Inspiration and Transformation

All For One and One for All

Join Joyce, Colin and Christine in a weaving dance of Inspiration, Motivation and Transformation. Three Distinctive Energies Weave a Pattern to Enhance Your Experience to Empowerment!

Fun, Adventurous and Life Changing!

Joyce Stech, The Healing Jedi Master - Empowering the Force Within You

Joyce is a Master Teacher. She is Acknowledged Internationally as a Master Martial Artist (Kyoshi, 7th dan, Teacher of Teachers), Master Teacher of the Healing Arts and Sacred Geometry,the Founder of the Royal Gems Matrix Healing™ System and Founder of YAC™, Your Evolutionary Power Tool. Being a Certified Instructor in many metaphysical methodologies, her talents spearhead as the Spiritual CEO and Dharma Lineage Holder of the Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage International also acting as a Spiritual Counselor.

Joyce is noted for her expertise in the energy physics of the human body and for her magnetism, outgoing personality and laser-sharp wit. As a Teacher, she instructs and coaches with humor and high energy. As an Author, her work touches deep into the soul. Joyce "Lives Life According to Divine Guidance" and believes in the constant and persistent growth of herself and her clients. With an Open Heart and Reflective Soul she allows one to explore and grow in their personal Truth.

Colin MacLeod, The Celtic Fiddle Guru

Colin has been playing Celtic fiddle since he was seven years old.

For Colin,"Life is 99% Inspiration and 1% Perspiration."

His music has taken him all over the world including Europe, the USA, Australia, Singapore, Sumatra and South Africa.

People say that Colin’s music touches their hearts.

As a former accountant, Colin has experienced the long hours of a desk job.

Through the vehicle of Celtic fiddle music and his International Executive MBA Of Life Program, Colin is showing desk bound professionals a way to re-connect with their freedom and appreciation of life.

Fun and creativity is part of the way and this can be experienced every day! By the way, MBA stands for Music, Business and ADVENTURE!

Christine Schlonski, The Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset

Christine is a multi-talented leader in the field of Sales Motivation and Mindset.

Christine helps heart-centered, soul-driven entrepreneurs, like you, stop choking when making an offer to your ideal client! She teaches you "the how to", shifting your mindset and allowing you to step into your Innate Power.

Christine's philosophy is "When you own your value and the value of your work, making offers becomes fun and exciting. When you learn that you CAN sell with ease and grace in total alignment with your core values and your heart, you’ll be able to create and afford the lifestyle of your dreams."

Christine's expertise in sales spans over 12 years, exceeding in closing High-Ticket Live Events and her ability to build and maintain successful sales teams.

As a Transformational Mindset Coach, E.F.T. Practitioner, International Motivational Speaker and Sales Expert, Christine’s skills blend the tangible with the intangible. She empowers her students to take ownership of their sales journey and successful delivery no matter where they are on that path.

Her Credo:
Stop JUST Dreaming. Act NOW!

Registration and Retreat Package

Retreat includes:

*Lodging (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) - shared rooms (private rooms available for additional fee)

*Three full meals - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (if it walks on the planet it will not be on your plate) - Meals start on Thursday evening (if you arrive on time) and ends with lunch on Sunday.

*KYA Intensive Bootcamp for the Soul -Friday, Saturday, and Sunday noon

Breakthrough sessions -Breakout Sessions-Fire Ceremony-Elemental Initiations-Music (lots of inspiration, motivation and transformation)

(You will receive an information packet upon receipt of your registration.)

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$3997 Guarantee of a PRIVATE ROOM! Bring in the New Year with a promise for a New You!

Enjoy Colin Macleod