The Weekly Growl

January 15 - 19, 2018

This Week

Monday, January 15

  • Student and Staff Holiday

Tuesday, January 16

  • Ice Day

Wednesday, January 17

  • 8th Grade Assembly - during Flex @ Cafeteria
  • Faculty/Department Meeting
  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 7B/7A @ Ridgeview

  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 8B/8A vs. Ridgeview

Thursday, January 18

  • 7th Grade Assembly - during Flex @ Cafeteria

  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 7B/7A vs. Ridgeview

  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 8B/8A @ Ridgeview

Friday, January 19

  • Bulldog Bash

Next Week

Monday, January 22

  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 7B/7A vs. Cedar Valley

  • 5:30 Boys Basketball 8B/8A @ Cedar Valley

Tuesday, January 23

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 24

  • 6th Grade Meeting - during Flex @ Cafeteria
  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 7B/7A @ Cedar Valley

  • 5:30 Girls Basketball 8B/8A vs. Cedar Valley

Thursday, January 25

  • Boys B Team Basketball Tournament

Friday, January 26

  • Celebration Day
  • Potluck Lunch

Looking Ahead

January 29 5:30 Boys Basketball 7B/7A @ Grisham

January 29 5:30 Boys Basketball 8B/8A vs. Grisham

January 31 Committee Meeting

January 31 Girls Basketball 7B/7A vs. Grisham

January 31 Girls Basketball 8B/8A @ Grisham

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Kudos to Lena Dominguez for working tirelessly for the Math Team!

KUDOS to FAC for the yummy breakfast on Fridays. We all look forward to the warm breakfast, interacting with the delightful students in FAC, and the tasty varieties of coffee and chai (which was splendid this week, btw). Thank you so much for your creative ideas and hard work!

- Heather Daniel

Kudos to Mr. Wright for answering all my stupid technology questions and fixing all my technology problems and encouraging me to actually use more technology in the classroom! Mathew and Mr. Smozna should keep you on retainer since you are saving them from having to fix all my technology issues!!!

- Jean Sarre

Anna Carter and Stephanie Saggiante for their work with small groups to allow for differentiated approaches to midterm re-assessment and reteaching for students who receive special education or English as a second language support.

Thanks to Kristen Morgan for taking my Flex group when I wasn't feeling well this past week.

- Casey Gembicki

To the entire 7th grade team of teachers,

Thank you for all that you do for our Hernandez students. I have learned a lot from many of you, especially the importance of passion and enthusiasm for teaching. I am honored to have worked alongside you this fall semester and cherish your friendship. Although I will not see you in January, I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

- Susan Ruiz

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Edwin Lampe 10

David Blackwell 13

Xochitil Swords 16

Kaitlynn Perch 21

Clint Lafuente 28

If we missed your birthday, please reply with the date so we can include you!

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