Leonardo Da Vinci



Leonardo Da Vinci was grew up in Vinci.Italy and born on April 15,1452. He was illegitimate son of a noble man and peasant woman( His parents were not married and were from different social class.)As child he loved nature and was very bright and talented. He was a painter, sculptor, inventor and thinker.

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At the age 14, he began apprenticing with artist Verrocchio. By the age of 20, he was a master artist and had his own workshop.Da Vinci introduced new ideas in painting. For example: He used light and shadow contrast.

He had no formal education so he wrote with his left hand and also wrote from right to left and backwards. He spent most of his life in Florence and Milan. He spent his life painting in different cities, inventing and thinking. He didin't share his ideas very much.

Ludovico sforza of Milan and Francois 1 of France were his patrons.


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  • This work created around 1490.
  • It is located in a Museum, cracow, poland and It may also be printed in books.
  • This is probably portrait cecilia Gallerani mistress of Lodovico sforza.it was painted with oil on wood.
  • Secularism, individual are most clearly linked to this piece.
She wear a long pretty dress,the dress was red with blue and block flowers on gold long sleeves. She has brown hair and smoothed around her head.Her skin is pale and she is holding an Ermine.

I think this picture is pretty and realistic.The painter successfully used colors.

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