Battle of the Bulge

By: Cara Panarisi

When and where?

Saturday, Dec. 16th 1944 at 12am to Thursday, Jan. 25th 1945 at 12am

The Ardennes, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany

Goal of the battle

Towards the end of World War 2, the Battle of the Bulge was one of Hitler's last attempts in winning the war. His overall goal of this battle was to surprise attack the allies, and from there would then split the allies in half. After all of that, he had hoped the war would have then turn over and then things would be in Hitler's favor.

Key military strategies or tactics used in battle

For Germany, Hitler overall tried to focus more defensively rather than offensively. He made different little strategy tactics, some including to focus on shifting the war to the west, or stabilizing their troops to always be ready for battles. He also tried to move troops only in the dark.

Nations involved

American, British and French forces worked together as the allies to defend against the Germans attempt in attacking them and turning over the war in Hitler's favor. Other nations that were considered to be involved were Canada, Belgium and Luxembourg. All of these different nations all worked together in order to stop the Germans (particularly Hitler's Nazi Party) from their growth and expansion, and were eventually successful.

Some American Generals

Other Generals/leaders of Germany

Outcome and Long lasting impact of the battle

This being the last battle Hitler attempted to fight, the Allied powers came through with an important victory. Although this battle brought about the end of the Nazi domination, it was also scarring for the soldiers who fought in the battle and citizens of multiple countries. Not only did the soldiers see men freeze to death due to the weather conditions, but citizens witnessed the Germans do terrible things to innocent people including sending them to concentration camps with poor conditions. People are still scarred from that period of time.