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Mobilizing Your Health

Welcome to Mobile Health

We offer a specialized weight losing program or our physical fitness program. Our helpful Nutritionists make meetings easy and stressless. Our competition is a dieting program known as Weight Watchers. Mobile Health is superior to all other dieting plans because not only do we offer a dieting plan, but we also offer a fitness program for people who just want to get in shape, or our Elite Athlete program. This way you can get in shape and stay in shape. Celebrities and Athletes such as Chris Pratt, Misty May-Treanor, and Angelina Jolie have used the Mobile Health Program.


Each month you can call/email/live chat with our Nutritionists and tell us your progress. Depending on your progress each month we will change your diet and fitness plan.

Single Meeting- $40

Diet Plan- $35/per month

Diet Plan + Fitness Program- $50/per month

Diet Plan + Elite Athlete Program- $75/per month