Creating A Smore

How to make a tree-friendly flyer

What to make a Smore for

1. To Promote:
  • Events
  • Sales
  • Businesses
2. Bulletins
3. Class

Adding more stuff

Starting from a blank page allows you to personalize as much as you want.

You can add the following:

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Event
  • Audio
  • Embed Link
  • Form
  • Title
  • Gallery
  • Bio
  • Video

You can put what you want where you want by clicking any of these buttons that show up at the bottom of the editing page. The buttons will look like this:

Changing the design

You can change up the look of your Smore by changing the background image, colors and fonts. There is a pull down tab that has 5 categories (Blossom, Handwritten, Minimal, Modern, Vintage) Each has varying backgrounds, colors and fonts to choose from. The design palette looks like the image on the right.

Flyer Settings

When you click on any of your flyers under the "Your Flyers" page, before you edit, there is a button called, "Flyer Settings". Here you can change the layout, privacy, etc of your flyer. All flyers will start out with comments, name and profile, social buttons, related flyers and ads; however, if you choose to not have them you can go into the settings and uncheck the appropriate boxes. You can also choose if you'd like your work to be private, public or super.


Using is completely free, but it's very basic. If you wish for more there's the option to upgrade to three different plans: Personal, Business, Corporate. The features of each plan vary as do the prices. However, all paid plans include:

  • Unlimited flyers
  • Custom flyer URLs
  • Absolutely no ads
  • Best-in-class editing tools
  • Beautiful, live analytics
  • High quality prints
  • Unlimited flyer views
  • Friendly customer support
  • ... and much more!