Soling Class Newsletter

Written By: Ryan L, McKenna, Ava, Shahkar and Christina


Our story of the week is Symphony Of Whales. We are doing our Mindomo with the vocabulary words from the story.


In math we are learning about decimals in our homework and during the day in school.We are using base ten blocks to help us understand decimals.


We are playing fitness Monopoly and if you do the stations right you get fake money.We just started learning about volleyball. We were with partners and we learned underhand serve. In volleyball we also learned ready position. We also learned one more thing, forearm pass.


In music class we learned a new song on our recorder called Queen B. We also learned a new game when the music teacher taps her foot on a note and we play it on our recorders. We learned three notes. We also played musical charades.

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump rope for heart is coming up soon. So parents, make sure you sign up to volunteer . You don't have to donate money if you don't want to but it would make a difference.


In writing we are reading stories and writing a little paragraph about the book we read. After that most of our hands hurt.

Daily 5

At the end of the day we do daily 5 (work time). It is a time in the day to get your work done and the teacher meets with a reading group at the back table.