Winter Break Challenge!

Don't let the learning stop!

Winter Break Homework Opportunities:

We have two weeks off! We will return to school on January 4, 2016. During that time, if you find yourself bored or missing school consider the following options. Rewards will be giving to those who put forth effort!!!! :) : Master any third grade math skill and recieve 1 M&M for each one completed with a medal! If you work on the multiplication and division skill builders and master them all, there will be a super reward given that you will be excited about! Your username and password for ixl is in the inside of your agenda! : For every quiz taken and passed over break you will recieve a prize!!!! Your username and password are in the inside of your agenda! : Try to read a little bit each day. Everyday you log your reading on this program, you will receive a prize!!! Your username and password are in the inside of your agenda. : Mrs. G might put up a few questions about your vacation at edmodo. Check and find out. Or you can just send me a note - I will respond!

Dance Mat Typing or Typing Club : No username needed for Dance Mat. Your username and password for typing club should be your emai address and email password for your account.

Animoto : Make a creative video using animoto! Amaze your friends and family! Your username is your email account and your password is hornung3.

Hour of Code : Visit this site and select a coding activity you are interested in. OR go to Mrs. G's website and log into your classroom account. Your two special words are in the inside of your agenda. : Check out the wonder of the day, read great non-fiction text and leave a thoughtful response!

Everyday Math Online : Play some multiplication games - especially multiplication baseball!

Listen to our skip counting songs! Go to and listen to the music clips for the 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 songs. No need to purchase or download - sing along with the provided chorus!

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