Assistive Technology for Windows

Narrator: A Text-to-Speech Tool

How do you find the Narrator tool?

1. Click the start button.

2. Type in Narrator into the search box.

3. Click on Narrator.


1. Click the start button.

2. Click on All Programs.

3. Go to the Accessories folder

4. Click on the East of Access center.

5. Find and click Narrator.

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What can you do with the Narrator tool?

This text-to-speech assistive technology tool reads the text on your screen aloud! Some tool options are:

  • Choose what Narrator reads aloud
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to specify text
  • Change preferences of Narrator's voice, speed, volume, and pitch
  • Hear background events, announcements and "echos" of what you type
  • Keep it minimized when the tool is turned on

Check out the video below to learn more about Narrator's functions!

Narrator Tutorial

Windows 7 Narrator Tutorial

How can the Narrator tool be used in the classroom?

  • Assist English Language Learners
  • Assist special education students with Text-to-Speech accommodations
  • Help proofread student writing
  • Allow auditory learners to hear text aloud
  • Help with reading fluency
  • Allow early literacy students to visualize the text and hear it read aloud
  • Fulfill Listening Common Core State Standards
  • Generate interest in the topic
  • Promote computer skills and assistive technology


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