Miss Maudie In The Know

What dirty secret does she have of yours?

Miss Maudie's Character

Miss Maudie is a little old lady who has been around for years in the little town of Maycomb. She knows anything about everything. She knows all the little dirty secrets of this town. You would think knowing all this information, she would gossip around town exploiting everybody. Not Miss Maudie, she's a respectful lady, who minds her place. She respects everybody's opinion and genuinely cares for everyone. She's like any other old lady, has the biggest heart ever.
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Miss Maudie is Important!!

Why Miss Maudie

While everybody else degrades Mr. Radley ( Known as Boo Radley ), Miss Maudie treats him like any other individual. She calls him by his real name, Arthur Radley, just as she calls everybody else by their name. She knows about his past, Scout's Uncle's past and just about every little thing this town has to offer. Knowing this information makes her a very important character in the story How To Kill A Mockingbird.