Epic Island!

Fun, Adventure, and more Fun!

Welcome to paradise!

We have Mount awesomeness, Sunny beach, and even Great lake!

If you come to our island you are in for a ton of fun and adventure.

There are no roads or cars so you never have to worry about paying for gas!

You almost never have to pay for anything, most of the stuff is free!

You always walk to every place you go to, so you can relax.

Sometimes there are parties in Party city and at dawn and there are things for all ages!

You will find our island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The people that live on our island are very nice, caring, and they will always help you when you need help.

The weather is always warm, nice and just right all the time on one side of our island.

On the other side of the island it is kind of cold and we have ski lifts, snowboarding, and more!

We have interpreters if you do not understand our language.

We have all kinds of food like Chinese, Corien, American, Mexican, Japanese, etc. We have a school for your kids if you want to live in Epic Island. You will feel like your in paradise at epic island.

Thank You!

Surfing Ocean Beach - Big and Beautiful

Steven,Eric and Ty