By Andrew Held


Cancer that forms in the tissues of the retina. Retinoblastoma usually occurs in children younger than 5 years. It may be hereditary or nonhereditary

Traits related to the disease

Traits of the disease

Many traits related to this disease is that the is that person's eye will have a type of abnormality. This is shown at a very young age, patients will need to have a great amount of care given to them.

Treatments that could be used for the patient

To treat this abnormality you should take your child to a eye specialist

Time frame of disease/symptoms

The usual symptoms of Retinoblastoma is when the child has specks of white in their eye(s)

This is shown from birth.

The usual lifespan of the child depends on how bad the Retinoblastoma is. It could be the child just needs to remove the eye or not at all.

Care needed for the child

The child may have some physical problems because they may have lost their vision.

To help your child with these struggles you can do some of the following:

1. Have someone with them, or near by, so that they don't walk into things.

2. Don't have items close together, this allows the child to move quickly without the worry of hitting into something.

3. Give them visual aids to help them move throughout the house.

Some children will need some different kind of learning help from either their teacher or parents.

They most likely will not need much emotional support because of their young age.