Mrs. Wolf's ELA

Welcome to Semester 2!

Who Is Mrs. Wolf?

Hello Everyone!!

My name is Abby Wolf; my husband and I relocated to Sacramento this summer. I am originally from Indiana! I graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor's of Science in Education in 2011.

This is my fourth year of teaching--I have experience with preschool and kindergarten, sixth and seventh grades, and Special Education. I am very excited to jump in at Natomas Middle School teaching sixth grade and eighth grade English Language Arts!

Feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns! My email address is You can also call school to be connected to me, but email is probably the most reliable method of contacting me!

Semester Two Units

Anne Frank Unit--Eighth Grade

We are beginning our exploration of the novel Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. We will be tying in writing, in-depth in-class discussion, and the history of World War II into our unit.

Check out for a lot of background information on Anne Frank, as well as some very cool pages that allow you to interact with the Secret Annex.

A Christmas Carol--Sixth Grade

We are continuing and finishing our reading of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens; due to our half days at the end of last semester we weren't able to finish.

We will be reading a version of the story from the BBC--they have a wonderful recording of the text that we will be listening to. We will be incorporating writing activities and some history from the time of the story as well.

Behavior Rubrics

As we begin semester 2, we will be incorporating Behavior Rubrics into our classroom community.

These rubrics are a checklist for students to evaluate their behavior and participation in class each day. Students will be grading themselves on 5 different responsibilities:

  • being respectful
  • completing their work
  • staying on topic during discussions
  • talking during their turn
  • being responsible

Each class brainstormed ideas to include on the rubric--we had excellent discussions in each class about their responsibilities as learners!

The rubrics require students to take responsibility in their learning and participation each day; they also require the students to be honest with themselves and with me while they evaluate themselves. I will also be evaluating the students each day on the same rubric, so we can compare our thoughts on their behavior.

Homework Update Doc

Each day I will be updating a Google Document with a brief description of what we did in class each day and any homework that is assigned for class.

This is a great way to keep track of your student's classwork and homework!!

Sixth Grade Homework Doc

Eighth Grade Homework Doc