Grand opening on the 30th of october 2012

MB2K City In The Sky grand opening on the 30th October 2012

MB2K City In The Sky is here! The grand opening will be coming on Monday 30th October so DO NOT miss it. The city will be open to all residents of MB2K island for 3 days after the opening so BE QUICK! The opening parade will include a free tour of the city, a free train ride around MB2K island, a paid tour of the Diamond palace plus a free dining in the palace dining room and last but not least, all residents hoping to live in the city will be accomodated plus free dining at the Diamond Palace for 5 days. As well as this, residents of MB2K City In The Sky will be able to travel the Diamond Rail free for 3 days and will be given a free access pass (Inform your accomodation guide for this) so they may enter and exit the city at any time. There is a swiper at the main entrance, swipe your card here. Finaly, any friends of Monkey Boy 2K (island owner) will be provided with a room at the Diamond Palace. That is all for now so see you at the grand opening. (one last thing, if you ever have any problems with your accomodation, please inform a palace guard to have Monkey Boy 2K know of your troubles.) Thank you and see you at the opening!