Ghettos During World War 2

By: Jurnee and Kennedy

Describe the what the ghettos were during World War Two.

The ghettos are referred to the Warsaw ghettos a to a part of Warsaw, Poland. Also this is where the Nazis held captive Jewish people.
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*The Jewish being forced out of their homes*

Identify how the ghettos were effected by the war.

The Warsaw ghettos were seriously affected. They were affected by the Germans because of the "Final Solution"*, and Adolf Hitler.

"Final Solution"*

The "Final Solution" was a way for Hitler to get rid of the "half-pures" faster, and when the "Final Solution" was created, what happened was that the "half-pures" were put into a gas chamber, and these chambers were full of Carbon Monoxide.
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*A pile of bodies in The concentration camp*

Explain what happened to the ghettos during World War Two.

The Ghettos were sent to death camps to be killed because they were possibly Jewish.


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