Wanted: Assef

Part of the Taliban Community

Past (younger)

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Present Day

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  • Assef is filed for statutorty rape of a minor. pg.73
  • Assalt and Battery
  • Kidnapping
  • Torture
  • Human Trafficking
  • Destructing of Property

About the Taliban


The Taliban are a highly dangerous group. The have been known to for multiple suicide bombings and other attacks. They are based out of Afghanistan . Talibans are to blame for most of the chaos that is happening overseas in Afghan. The famous al-Queda are a group based out of the Taliban. The group al-Queda is responsible for the suicide plane crashing in the twin towers, also known as 9/11. That may be a red flag on to how dangerous and reckless these people can be. Assef has been a loyal and faithful servant/follower or the Taliban group. He often rapes and tortures Hazarians. BEWARE!