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October News.....For Your Information!!


GREAT NEWS!! We are not seeing any delays in payments from the major insurance carriers. They are now processing October DOS' with ICD-10 diagnosis codes with no issues. We will continue to keep an eye on any possible issues that may arise and send out information to you as soon as we become aware of it.

Verification Tips

- User is able to verify by service type codes other than physical medicine. They can look up DME benefits using code 12 and office visits using code 98

- When wanting to know updated deductible accumulations, use Zirmed. It's the fastest and most accurate way to determine what has accumulated on the patient's account.

- Quote of benefits is never a guarantee of coverage. Look at the ledger to see how insurance is processing the claims. This will tell you what insurance is holding the patient responsible for, per procedure line.


Please note, any EOB's received for patients that were seen in your office can be uploaded into the EOB account and named EOB with the day uploaded (EXAMPLE: EOB 10122015), and insurance checks can be forwarded to the 1rst Health Lockbox so they can get processed and posted. If you receive any 1rst Health EOB's or checks for patients that were not seen at your office we ask you to please forward these to the 1rst Health Lockbox and they will get posted into the correct account.

Recruiting and Staffing

Just a friendly reminder.... Alta has recruiting services and we would love to help you find the right person for your office culture. Let us know if we can engage in a candidate search for you! We offer a contingent recruiting agreement, which means you are not charged anything unless you hire one of our candidates. Contact Kathryn at 817-863-5358 for more information.

Collection Facts...

- On average, more than 20% of your patients will have at least a $5000 deductible

- 65% of all patient debt is the result of insured patients, not uninsured patients

- The chances of collecting on a patient decreases by at least 40% as soon as they leave your office

- Time of service collection techniques include, but are not limited to; copays, coinsurances, projected deductibles, and collecting past due balances

- In order to optimize your opportunity for time of service collection, we suggest implementing a structured check-out process for your patients, as opposed to allowing patients to "show themselves to the door". By formalizing your check-out process, you are creating an additional opportunity to collect before the patient leaves the building.

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