Three Blind Mice

From Arrest to Verdict

It was a tragic day when the farmer's wife cut off a tail of a poor, innocent mouse. The mouse was not happy with his missing tail so he called the police. The police then went and arrested the farmer's wife after talking to some witnesses who saw the whole thing happened. The farmer's wife denied bail for and is being tried for a felony before a grand jury. At her indictment she was charged with assault. She couldn't afford an attorney because she was only a poor farmer, but she did have the right to a public defender so he represented her. At her arraignment her attorney refused a plea bargain and claimed his client acted in self defense. They settled this in front of a standard petit jury. A witness saw one mouse bite the farmers wife, which settled the fact that it was out of self defense. The subpoenaed the farmer to make him come to court. The farmer's wife was the defendant. There was a perjury though, against the witness who claimed to have seen the mouse bite the farmers wife. Therefore, the prosecution succeeded in convicting her with assault and battery. The judge then made a decision and called the verdict. The farmer's wife was convicted and she could not appeal because she was poor.