Learning Center

December 11, 2015 - Library

Learning Center Agenda - 8:00am

Skyhawk Bucks

PLC - Finalizing Commitments - See Below- Jen McBaine

Classroom Diagnostic Test Update- Lorie + 4th and 5th Grade Teachers

PBS Update
- Boot Camp- Friday, January - Terri and team

Polar Express Planning Update for Dec. 21- Sarah and team

Food Drive Update/Needs - Cheryl, Sam and Stephanie

Adopt-The-Long-Family - Sarah

Weekly Attendance - Lorie

Rehearsal for Holiday Sing-A-Long- Music Room

PD Day - January 4- Tentative Agenda Ideas

Which departments will be pulling people on this day?

PBS - Status of Cedar Hill Semester 1

Needs; planning; forms; future

Vertical Team Planning- Deconstructing Math Standards and Planning for Instruction

3-4-5- Planning/Look at Resources For MAP Preparation

ICLE Report- What can we do to make yesterday better than today? Findings from our building study and my December training.

MARRE Conference- Share Out - Jessica, Jenny, Lindsey

CPI Training- Share Out- Ryan, Georgie, Lorie

School Net Training- ??

Nominate a Deserving Coworker for Teacher of the Year!!!!

CH Commitments

•We commit to implement the components of the Positive Behavior Support System (PBS) with fidelity.

•We will celebrate student achievement on a daily basis. (clipping up, academic/behavioral successes, character assemblies).

•We will actively strive to improve communication between school, home, and community through various forms of media.

•We commit to collaborate with our colleagues to create meaningful, differentiated lessons that maximize the use of our class time and provide real-world learning at each student’s instructional level.

•We will monitor student learning and growth through formative and summative assessments.

•We will use assessment information to monitor student growth, guide our instructional practice, and provide intervention/enrichment opportunities for student learning.

•We commit to study research-based practices and pursue ongoing professional development that is necessary to implement more rigorous and relevant instruction each day.

•We will incorporate real-world, relevant examples in our instruction to connect learning to real- life situations for our students.

•We commit to facilitate instruction by incorporating and using technology on a daily basis.
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