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November Happenings 2020

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We met our fundraising goal of raising $10,000!! Stay tuned... Mrs. Woodcock and I will be turned into an ice cream sundae for the entire student body to see. Our students had a blast at school and from home joining in on the Dance Fit Event. Here is a video with some highlights: Dance Fit Highlight Reel. Please do not share the video of the Dance Fit on social media.

November is one of those months of reflection and for feeling grateful. With all that is going on with the pandemic and with all the sacrifices and challenges we are experiencing, we can always find comfort in thinking about all that we do have.

First, I would like to say thank you to all of our servicemen and women who have served or who are currently serving our country.

Thank you to all of our staff who are working tirelessly every day to create a safe and healthy school environment. It has not been easy to rethink how we teach students and to adapt to new priorities and circumstances. The creativity and commitment have been amazing to see. There are so many accomplishments and achievements happening every day.

Thank you to our families who have been navigating alongside our teachers during this challenging school year. We understand the additional stress this is on families and we appreciate all your efforts and flexibility.

We are grateful for our North Elementary Community. This year we also have some South Elementary and Chace Street School families who have joined our family in our full remote classrooms. Welcome, and we are glad you are here.

Thank you to our students and our families who have been doing a wonderful job modeling and helping our students wear masks, washing their hands, social distancing keeping, communicating with our school nurse, keeping students home when they are sick, and being receptive to the changes we have needed to make along the way. We are so grateful for the cooperation and truly believe we are all in this together. It's the only way we can do it!

With Thanksgiving approaching, we are all faced with how we are going to celebrate with our loved ones. The main reason we are able to minimize the number of cases in our schools is that we are following protocols, wearing masks, and social distancing. We minimize the risk of transmission through these practices. Please help minimize the cases in our community by continuing these practices outside of school.

Happy Thanksgiving and my wish to you is that you will know how important you are to our staff and students.

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Please attend our PTO meeting this Tuesday at 6:00 PM. We will begin the meeting with a presentation on the new Somerset Middle School proposal. We have special guests this week. Please become familiar with the project that will have a direct impact on the future of your child. This presentation is for all three elementary schools. The meetings will then break out to continue with our individual school PTO business. We are hoping to increase PTO participation as we are still looking for committee leads.

We would like to invite all of our full remote families to this meeting (you are always invited). This is a perfect opportunity to meet and connect with other parents and families that are full remote. You can connect and share contact information with each other to potentially schedule virtual or opportunities for students to have social interaction outside their full remote classrooms.

Please attend this meeting tomorrow, Tuesday at 6:00 from the comfort of your own home. Here is the link...

Time: Nov 17, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 917 5487 2874
Passcode: 584214

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Parent Teacher Conference Sign-Ups for North Elementary and Full Remote Students

Wednesday, December 2nd: VIRTUAL Parent-Teacher Conferences

This year there will be 2-semester report card periods (January and June) with 2 parent-teacher conferences instead of a progress report in between each report card. Our first conference will be held on December 2nd from 12:30-7:00. This conference will be a 15-minute virtual conference via zoom. These conferences are important to attend as you will be able to hear and talk about your child's progress. Please sign up for a conference time by clicking on the link below. The conferences will be via Zoom. On the day of the conference, students will have an early release day with only asynchronous work assigned by their teacher. There will not be any live sessions that day besides the parent-teacher conference.

Sign up at Once you sign up, click on here to pick a time

If you are a FULL REMOTE student, please use this conference sign up as full remote teachers are under the North Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences. This means, if your child is a full remote student who lives in the South or Chace Street School District, please sign up for your conference with this link.

You will be sent a zoom invite once you schedule your conference time. The Zoom link will be the same for all parents with that specific teacher. The teacher will use the waiting room to ensure a confidential parent-teacher conference. You will remain in the "waiting room" until your teacher is ready for your child's conference.

If you would like to make an appointment with a related service or SEL staff, and/or specialists, this would be a great time to meet with those providers as well. All staff will have appointment blocks.

Wednesday, November 25th, and Wednesday, December 2nd will be Early Release Days for students with asynchronous work planned by teachers. This means that students will not have live instruction or Morning Meetings on those days. Their school day will end at 11:30.

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Helping During the Holidays

During the last 8 months, the COA has been providing groceries to homebound seniors in our community. Next Wednesday, they will be offering a Thanksgiving meal to our local seniors. Many have requested groceries be included in their delivery. If you would like to donate food please stop by the COA or call 508-646-2833 to schedule a time to drop them off.

If you know of a local senior please call Shauna at 508-646-2833
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Happy Times at North Elementary

Please enjoy some pictures from over the past month. We are still working on creating positive memories in 2020.


The Insights classroom had an eventful past two months! After studying the parts of a pumpkin and pumpkin life cycles, we are able to attend North Elementary's very own Pumpkin Patch! The students had a blast and were able to each take home and paint their own pumpkin.

We also celebrated Veteran's Day and learned what it means to be a veteran! Students shared stories of family members who are veterans and described veterans with great details such as brave, determined, and that they can be a boy or girl! The Insights students wish a Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans out there!


Preschool has been a place full of wonder in the month of October. Seasonal changes spark opportunities for nature walks and discussions. We practiced fire drills and impressed everyone as we showed that we know how to exit the building safely. We enjoyed the transformation of our school campus into a mini-farm with a pumpkin patch and thank Mr. Matt for the trailer ride, giving us a special experience with our friends that we could not get anywhere else at this time. We had fun expressing ourselves through costumes and dressing up as a favorite character.


Kindergarteners have been very busy learning the multi-sensory Lively Letters. They are having fun hearing the stories that go along with each letter and learning letter sounds. In ELA we are working on Unit 1, and the focus is learning that there is a relationship between illustrations and words. As writers, we are learning that pictures and words about events help tell a story.

In Math, we started Chapter 1, and students will be learning how to represent, count, and write numbers 0-5. They will learn how to use objects or drawings to decompose 5 into pairs in more than one way.

In Science, we will be finishing up our Weather and Sky unit. Students will analyze and graph weekly weather data. They will be busy using models to learn about dangerous tornadoes and floods. Students will learn that a thermometer is a tool to measure temperature and they will explore how different materials can be affected by heat.

The month of November is a time to be thankful. Students will be identifying all the people, places, and things they are grateful for. Students will be comparing their lives to children’s lives from long ago. They will understand how homes, chores, and clothing have changed over time

Grade 1

The month of November is upon us. The children are continuing to learn their expectations for their Remote and Hybrid learning. In math we are hard at work with subtraction concepts. We have been modeling taking from and taking apart. We are also using pictures and subtraction to compare.

In reading, we have read the informative text, Time to Sleep. The children have identified the Main Topic using text features and have asked and answered questions. Our next story is from our Text Collection book called What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? For this story, we will focus on the structure and organization to understand text. Finally, we will compare and contrast the two texts. As scientists, we are working on a unit called Sky Watchers. The children have observed the night sky and recorded their results. The children are observing shadows to learn about the sun’s position in the sky. Then they will compare patterns between daytime and nighttime objects. We will also learn about rotation and model the patterns of day and night. Finally, we will investigate the seasons and what causes them.

We want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all the grade one families.

Grade 2

The second graders have settled in and are working hard to remember and model the expectations for academics, behavior, and safety. All classes have been getting outside as much as possible for mask breaks and academics. In Science, we have been learning about Earth’s materials, including landforms, bodies of water, rocks, weathering, and erosion. The kids have really been enjoying the hands-on experiments.

Everyone enjoyed the autumn hayride and pumpkins. A lot of cute characters showed up on Book Character Day!

We all wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Grade 3

This month in our classrooms we have been grateful for a variety of people, places, and things. In writing students have been generating ideas for personal narratives. We have been reading narratives that all share the themes of problem-solving, determination, and perseverance. In social studies we have begun to study the first people who lived in Massachusetts (Wampanoags). In science, students will be investigating how climate contributes to natural hazards. In math, students have been reading and interpreting the data in picture graphs and bar graphs. We want to thank you for your support at home and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Grade 4

Our hard-working fourth graders are developing their reading skills through interactive read alouds and reading to self. It is very important that your child engages in reading a just right book for 20 minutes per day. This will help develop fluency, confidence, vocabulary, and increase general knowledge on a variety of subjects. Please encourage reading daily and have your child complete 80 minutes of Lexia per week (unless their goal is set lower). If you are in need of reading materials please let us know.

In writing, students are working on developing good beginnings to a narrative. Following this, they will be working on generating elaborative detail to enhance the middle of their stories.

Mathematics in fourth grade involves many different skills. Students are required to switch between multiple operations within the same problem. They may have to multiply then add. In addition, the word problems are written using complex language at times. We are teaching our pupils to unwrap these problems using CUBES (circle, underline, box, evaluate, and solve/check your work). This acronym is used to help children attack these problems using a specific plan. Please make sure that your child is using reflex math for about 60 minutes each week. Fact fluency will enable them to focus their attention on higher-level skills in the problem.

Currently, in science, the fourth grade is learning about changes to the earth’s surface through fast and slow processes. They are observing investigations about weathering, chemical weathering, and erosion.

Our social studies work has been centered around the Northeast Region. Historical events such as European exploration, immigration, and Native American life are all topics the students are learning about. They are also studying the states, capitals, and important landforms of this region.

Grade 5

5th graders have been working so hard in school and at home, we are proud of how independent and responsible they have become during this challenging transition to hybrid learning. We have begun to move onto new units in Math and ELA. In Math students have begun chapter 2, dividing by one and two digit divisors. Continue to encourage your child to complete Reflex math and practice multiplication facts.

In ELA, students have been excited and engaged while reading the Science Fiction story George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Steven and Lucy Hawkins. We are using the story to teach students about the universe and Earth’s place in it.

In addition, students will be focusing on identifying main ideas and details, and learning how to paraphrase and quote details from the text accurately to support their answer. Please encourage your child to complete 2-3 units of Lexia while at home. In Social Studies, students will begin to learn about the origin of slavery and its status in the 18th century in the colonies. Virtual parent/teacher conferences will be held Wednesday, December 2, we look forward to speaking with you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Important Update from Nurse Roy

Hello Families,

I want to take a moment to acknowledge all of you who have served to protect our country. Thank You and Happy Veterans Day!

Please continue to screen your children at home. Please do NOT send your child to school if they have any of the following:

*Fever (100 or higher), chills, or shaking chills

*Cough (not due to other known cause, such as a chronic cough)

*Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

*New loss of taste or smell

*Sore throat

*Headache, when in combination with other symptoms

*Muscle aches or body aches

*Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

*Fatigue, when in combination with other symptoms

*Nasal congestion/runny nose (not due to other known causes, such as allergies) when in combination with other symptoms

As you are aware, Somerset is in the red zone for Covid-19. We are working extremely hard to keep our students safe here at school. We are strictly enforcing social distancing guidelines, proper mask usage, and encouraging frequent hand hygiene. Please use this opportunity to reinforce schoolwide expectations with your children at home. Despite how many contacts they may have with other classmates outside of school, they are expected to adhere to the distancing rules here and not congregate with or have physical contact with friends.

If your child is noted to have any of the above symptoms during their school day, they will be placed immediately into the isolation room until a parent/guardian can come to retrieve them. All of our students who have Covid-like symptoms are placed on a 10-day quarantine. You can return your child to school before the 10 days are over with an alternative diagnosis by way of a negative Covid-19 test result. Testing is optional, however, your child will not be allowed to return to school until 10 days from symptom onset.

Please also use this opportunity to discuss with your children that the Health Office is not to be used for breaks. We are keeping the sick children separate from healthy children. Healthy student problems (loose teeth, small scrapes, etc.) are managed outside of the Health Office. If your child has been known to frequent the Health Office with chronic reports of any symptoms on the Covid-19 screening list, please discuss with them the importance of integrity when reporting illness.

If your child is going to be absent for illness, please report it to the School Nurse I will discuss the return to school guidelines at that time.

If your child is designated a close contact of a Covid-19 positive individual and placed under a 14 day quarantine, this does not mean 14 days out of school. This is a stay at home order from the CDC. Your child should only be with people from his/her immediate household for those full 14 days as symptoms may take that long to emerge. If everyone else in your family is quarantined as a close contact, please DO NOT come to the school building for any reason. We will find a way to have your child’s schoolwork delivered to your home. All close contacts should not be leaving their house unless for testing or medical emergencies. If your child is designated a close contact, you will be notified by the School Nurse or the Principal. If you have not heard anything from us, your child is considered at average risk.

If your child has a chronic condition that has signs/symptoms that are similar to Covid-19, please know we will need documentation of that.

Influenza vaccine is mandated for the 2020-2021 school year. Please submit documentation of this vaccination by December 31, 2020. If you are choosing to exempt your child for medical and/or religious reasons, I will need a letter stating such. A new letter of exemption is required at the start of every school year.

Each student in Grade 4 should have an updated physical exam in their record. If you have not done so already, please submit your child’s most recent examination from their pediatrician.

Please inform the School Nurse if you are traveling to a high-risk state. The list can be found at All individuals who travel to a high-risk state should quarantine upon immediate return to MA. Your child may return to school before the 14-day quarantine with a negative Covid-19 test result for students 10 and older. For students under the age of 10, a traveling parent test result is an acceptable substitute. Please tell the School Nurse what dates you are traveling as the testing window for out of state travel is time-sensitive.

Please reach out if you have any questions/concerns. I am available in the office Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 830-330 at 508-324-3170 and via email on remote Wednesdays, evenings, and weekends.

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ART with Ms. Wilson

Our North Elementary artists have been doing some fantastic work over the past few weeks! It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up our fall seasonal lessons and beginning to think about the coming winter months!

For in-person students, please make sure students are bringing in their art supplies on art days as we are working to keep our artists safe and are not able to share materials.

Kindergarten and First Grade

After exploring line and shape, we have begun looking at texture. Kindergarten and first grade artists are learning that texture is the way something feels.

We have been working with texture, shapes, and cutting skills to create our November Owls.

Kindergarteners are working with texture rubbing plates while first graders are using line and watercolors to create their owls with texture.

Second Grade

Second Graders have begun work on their Mayflower seascapes. We have been reviewing warm and cold colors and learning new painting techniques to create a “stormy” ocean! Can’t wait to see these finished!

Third Grade

Third-grade artists have begun exploring the art of John James Audubon, his love for birds and nature, and his book Birds of America. During the next few weeks, we will be looking closely at different types of owls that can be found in Massachusetts and creating our own owl drawings inspired by Audubon.

Fourth Grade

Fourth-grade artists are in the process of finishing their fantastic imaginary dragon eyes and will be transitioning into a collaborative social studies and art unit. We will be looking at and creating artwork inspired by the Native American Tribes of the Great Plains.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are finishing up their fabulous Pop Art inspired candy drawings and paintings. We explored artwork by Pop Artist Andy Warhol and learned that Pop Artists turned everyday objects into art. We will begin looking at textile art next focusing on the art of weaving.

Don’t forget to join us for art on Enrichment Wednesdays!

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