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Welcome Back Panther Families!

There are not enough words to describe the amazing week we've had here at school! I have been welcomed with open arms by the community, the staff, and the students, both with love and lots of hugs! This week, students got to know their teachers, their peers and the routines here at school, and now we are ready to learn! I had the honor of going into every single classroom this week to meet all of the students and talk about my most important job-keeping students safe. We talked about the fact that I have the task of keeping students safe physically and emotionally. This week we practiced rules and procedures to keep us “physically” safe in school like our P.A.W.S. (Pride, Attitude, Wise Choice, Safety). We also had some school-wide safety drills. For our emotional safety, we talked about our theme this year: “Be Brave”. We read a book that taught us about that topic. PK-2 read Dog Eared by Amanda Harvey and 3-5 read The Juice Box Bully by Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy. All the students learned about how they can “Be Brave” by showing kindness to all and stand up to or tell an adult when there is bad behavior. Thank you to all the families for being patient and continuing to be welcoming as we transition into a new school year. It’s going to be fantastic!

Your Partner in Education,

Amy Lemons


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Upcoming Events:

August 18 - Back 2 School Bash 6:00-8:00

August 21- SGC Meeting 7:15-8:45

August 23 - Fall Picture Day

August 24 - Curriculum Night & PTA General Meeting 6:00

August 30 - Another Broken Egg Spirit Night

September 1 - RFF Day-No School for Students

September 4 - Labor Day-No School

Safety Drills

The Fulton County Board of Education and New Prospect Elementary School continues to seek a safe and productive learning environment for all students and staff members. During the year, staff and students will participate in various emergency drills. The emergency drills include: soft lockdown, hard lockdown, evacuation and shelter. During this time, students and staff will adhere to NPES safety guidelines.

This week our students participated in all drills.

Soft Lockdown – Soft Lockdown is called when there is a threat or hazard OUTSIDE of the school building. Whether it is due to violence or criminal activity in the immediate neighborhood, or a dangerous animal on the playground. Soft Lockdown uses the security of the physical facility to act as protection. During Soft Lockdown, all interior and exterior doors are locked and student movement inside school is limited. The education process may continue but with a heightened sense of awareness. Any outside activity is ended and all students must report inside immediately. Staff should be prepared to quickly transition to Hard Lockdown if needed.

Hard Lockdown—Hard Lockdown is called when there is a threat or hazard INSIDE the school building or when school personnel determine appropriate. From parental custody disputes and intruders, to an active shooter, Hard Lockdown uses classroom security to protect students and staff from the threat. During Hard Lockdown, all learning stops, and students and staff take immediate actions to lock and secure doors, and make all efforts to hide in they classroom, away from windows or doors. During Hard Lockdown, no students are allowed out of the rooms, and students and teachers outside when Hard Lockdown is called should use their best discretion as to whether to return to the school, or evacuate to an offsite location.

Evacuate-- Evacuate is called when there is a need to move students from one location to another. This includes evacuation for fire, bomb threat, chemical odor smell or other condition determined by staff. This drill should incorporate the random initiation of the fire alarm system using a random pull station for each drill opportunity.

Shelter-- Shelter is called when the need for personal protection is necessary. This drill also supports spontaneous events such as tornados, earthquakes or hazardous materials.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Want to Volunteer?

Fulton County Schools values and promotes active engagement of the community in all of our schools. Thousands of individuals serve as volunteers in our schools each year. Volunteer opportunities may include:

* Serving as tutors, mentors, or guest speakers
* Providing assistance in classrooms, cafeteria, library, or main office
* Organizing student enrichment and recognition activities
* Supporting special events, athletics, and school planning councils

How do I become a volunteer?
1. Register at the Fulton County Schools Volunteer Page. (Link Below)

2. Complete the mandatory online training.
3. Complete the volunteer application.

Please allow 48 hours for your application to be processed before you visit the school to volunteer. Volunteers must complete this process EVERY year.

When you arrive at the school for your first volunteer assignment, please present your government identification (i.e. driver's license, state issued ID cards, Mexican consular cards, green cards, military ID) to verify your identity.

Georgia Milestones Assessments

This Spring, students in grades 3-5 took part in the Georgia Milestones Assessments. The assessments cover English language arts/literacy, and mathematics in grades three through five. Beginning this year, science and social studies were tested only in grade five. These exams are part of Georgia’s Milestones Assessment System, designed to provide information about how well students are mastering the state-adopted content standards. The tests include a wide variety of questions such as multiple choice, technology enhanced questions, and constructed response that require students to explain how they solve problems, think critically, and write analytically. These skills take time and effort to master, but our students will need them to succeed in the future.

At New Prospect, we see these tests as an academic checkup. Like class assignments and report cards, they are one gauge of student progress – one way to provide you and your child’s teachers with information about your child’s work toward the high goals we have set for our students.

The student score reports were sent home yesterday and show your child’s achievement from the Spring 2017 administration. Please take a few moments to review it. You will notice that along with an overall score for each subject, there is also information about how your child performed in different skill areas associated with English language arts/literacy and mathematics, as well as science and social studies in grade five. Along with the Milestones Score Report, your child will also receive a question and answer brochure about the test. If you have any questions regarding your child’s score report, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or our Assistant Principal, Ms. Nadir.

New Design Lab

Project Based Learning (PBL): At New Prospect, we strive to create an environment where your child can be nurtured, receive personalized learning, engaging lessons, and is encouraged to succeed. One way we are doing this is through the creation of our brand-new Design Lab. In the Design Lab, students are free to explore new ideas and learn through hands-on discovery. The Design Lab is a space teachers can take their students to design, create, plan, and develop 21st century Project Based Learning activities. Thanks to the support of Lowes on Duke Road, Alpharetta, and our school PTA, we were able to purchase flexible seating, new technology, dry erase tables, a green screen wall, and so much more! We look forward to seeing the creativity and innovation that will take place in the Design Lab. See the wonderful pictures below!

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PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) Updates:

Have you heard your child talk about their house team & color? Our school is broken up into four teams, Air (Yellow), Earth (green), Water (Blue), and Fire (Red). Each classroom can earn points based on positive behavior throughout the school.

Our first PEP rally was today, Friday August 11th. The students had a great time showing their “house” team and school spirit.

Students can now earn points for their house while they are in the cafeteria! Each table has green, yellow, and red cups, and teachers can get a glimpse of student behavior in the cafeteria. Classes are rewarded when the cups are green at the end of the lunch period.

Remind your students that PBIS Trophies are handed out monthly to a classroom from each “house” that has been rewarded the most points, so they should be trying to earn those points!!!

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Solar Eclipse Information

We are working on our plan at NPES for August 21st. Information will be sent in a separate communication next week.

Student absences and early checkouts will be counted as excused. Students need to be checked out before 12:30.

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Device Roll Out

We are going one-to-one with our devices in 3rd-5th grade! Please click this button to locate information and the device user agreement that needs to be turned in before students get devices. The devices will not be coming home.


Kid Chess

Kid Chess After School Club Registration is Open. Sign up online (click here) or call 770-575-5802 Chess Makes You Smart – We Make it FUN!