Mercy Otis Warren

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Bio And Early Life

Mercy Otis Warren was born September 25,1728 in Barnstable,Massachusetts, and died on October 19,1814. She was the child of James Sr, and Mary Otis, and the sister of James Otis Jr. She was raised a Christian, But otherwise, her religion background during her childhood was less significant. As Her Education She Received a Rigorous,Classical Education.She Learned Acient And Modern History, Studided the works Of Great And English Authors And Read Translation Of Greek And Roman Literature. Her Occupation Was A Historian, As Well As A Poet And Play And Play , Of The Amercian Revolution. Her Nationality is American. Her Father Was An Influential Lawyer And Politician And Her Brother Was a Political Activist Who Opposed The Stamp Act One Of The 1st Leader Of The American Independence Movement.

Role played in the Revolution

In he Revolutionary war was on the Patriots side Because She believed that the British were awful and tyrants,so she wrote plays and stories about the British. So she was making fun of them. When she wan in the war she did nothing but wrote plays. She was writing the History of the American Revalution. Her belief were that womens should have the same rights as men. Her First play was called,"The Adulateur" was writting in 1773. Her writing contained her beliefs,thoughts, and opinions about wars and political issues.

Role Played after revolution

In 1781, the British defeated, the Warrens purchased the home formerly owned by Mercy's one-time target, Gov. Thomas Hutchinson. They lived there in Milton, Massachusetts, for about ten years, before returning to Plymouth.

Mercy Otis Warren was among those who opposed the new Constitution as it was being proposed, and in 1788 wrote about her opposition in Observations on the New Constitution. She believed that it would favor aristocratic over democratic government

Death and Legacy

Mercy Otis Warren died on October 19, 1814. The cause of death is unknown. She was 86 years old. She was buried at Old Burial Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts beside her husband, James Warren, who had died in 1808. In her honor a warship which fought in World War II was called the SS Mercy Warren.The legacy she left is amazing: Mercy Otis Warren life encourages women to speak up her Ex: Can be followed in Many ways she spoke up when she needed to.

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Mercy Otis Warren