Lord Howe Island, Australia & Tahiti, French Polynesia

Lord Howe Island, Australia

It is an isolated island with no mobile phones, one policeman, and only six miles of road. It is far enough north were it doesn't get cold but it doesn't get to warm. Summer tempetures and about 77 degrees and winter temps. are only about 68. Only 360 people live there with the many different kinds of birds, fish, and animals. You have to be careful though because their indigenious nature comes first so if you kill any plants or animals expect to having your trip cut short.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

It is the heart of French Polynesia with the black sand beaches and shadowy mountains. It is often bypassed for one of its sister Bora-Bora or Mo'orea. Pape'ete is the capital and for island dwellers with a city pace of life is the only way to go on this island. While visiting Pape'ete is a must there are many hiking trails and river valley escapes in Tahiti. You can go whale watching or during the summer you can hire a boat driver to watch the pro surfers tackel the cavernous tube of the coast.
Hilton Moorea Lagoon resort & Spa
A look at a resort in Tahiti.
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A woodhen which is found all over Lord Howe Island.

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Lord Howe Island, Australia

Lord Howe Island

A drawing class on the beach with Stuart Whitelaw at Ned's Beach Shed.
Australian National Anthem - Advance Australia Fair
Lord Howe Island is part of Australia so they use their national anthem. "Advance Australia Fair"