Standardize Test

Lee Elam

Why are Standardized Test not useful for Educators ?

personally i don't think that students shouldn't have to take standardized test.Because doesn't help you with your education. also its a wast of time of actually learning and wasting a whole day of school.
These standardized test make students really tired and irritated. People say they lose sleep because of testing. The test don't really measures the skills they want use to learn. People also say that the test are not reliable. The test also hold the teacher and the school accountable for what we learn.
"Test scores are not the best way to judge schools, teachers or students, according to a national poll." The people that provide these tests they judge you on how you do.
"Why would we put our children through this if it isn't really about improving their individual educational experience and outcomes." People don"t even think that these test are not even helping use with are education also.
"to emphasize standardized tests as a primary way to hold schools and teachers accountable for what students learn. Education reform groups as well as civil rights organizations have backed testing as a way to ensure that school districts provide better instruction to poor and minority students." All teachers are accountable of everything the student learns.
"The best way to measure the success of a school is not through tests but by whether students are engaged and feel hopeful about the future." standardized Test is not the best to judge a student on how they do in school.
"In the months before the assessments, parents report children being agitated, physically ill, showing signs of anxiety and losing sleep." Students get tired before theses test because they study and get irritated.

Counter Argument

"Removing the requirement for annual testing would be a devastating step backward, for it is very hard to make sure our education system is serving every child well when we don't have reliable, comparable achievement data on every child every year" I believe that we should have to take these test "These high-stakes tests are neither diagnostic nor useful tools for the very educators forced to administer them." these test do not help you with your education. your also wasting a whole day of learning while taking the test.