Berry Creek Neighborhood Newsletter

June 2019

Berry Creek Webpage

The Berry Creek Wepage contains directions for booking the clubhouse, board and neighborhood meeting notes, neighborhood events and other important information! You can also use this link to contact board members. Password: stillwater2017

May and June News

This month we welcomed 2 new members to the HOA Board, David Conway and Kathy Anderson. We want to thank everyone who volunteered for board positions. The HOA Board meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00pm. All residents are welcome to attend!

To contact Board members, please visit:

To read Meeting notes, please visit:

Please contact Sara Arens at with any information for the newsletter.

Berry Creek Improvements

We are continuing our work on the 2019 Capital Improvements. This month you'll see:

  • The interior of the clubhouse is being painted and repaired. Some of the older furniture in the clubhouse will be replaced in the next few months. There will be some repairs to the clubhouse roof where it is leaking.
  • A new pool shade will be installed near the shallow end of the pool. This semi-permanent shade will be similar to the one pictured below, but will blend in with Berry Creek colors. We will be able to remove it during the winter to protect it from the weather!
  • Work may begin on a drain system to improve the flow of water and prevent flooding near the clubhouse.

For information on all Berry Creek budget items, including monthly bank statements, please visit Berry Creek Financials

Big picture

Thank You!

A big thank you to our neighbors that have helped with keeping up with Berry Creek improvements!

  • Thank you to Pat Lanman for planting and maintaining flowers inside the pool island
  • Thank you to Rick Dearinger for making a new signs for the pool rules and hours
  • Thank you to Kathy Anderson for taking out the large clubhouse/pool trash bins each week

If you know of a neighbor who deserves a big thanks, please forward their name to

Save the Date

Save the date for our annual Berry Creek "Hello Summer"/4th of July Neighborhood BBQ Potluck. It will be held Saturday, June 29 from 11-2 at the clubhouse and pool. Hot dogs and popsicles will be provided, please bring an item to share. It is a great opportunity to meet neighbors, members of the HOA Board, and have a great time!

If you would like to help with neighborhood social events, Please use the link on this page to sign-up for a committee:

Pool Reminders

Summer is in full force and the pool is a busy place! We have heard a few concerns from residents and want to send a few reminders for when you are at the pool:

  • All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. This includes children swimming, entering the pool gates alone, or waiting on the deck.

  • Please keep the pool gate closed at all times. We know it is a hassle to unlock the gate every time you want to go in or out, especially when you are having guests. However, the double lock is a safety feature.

  • Please clean up the pool deck when you leave. This includes returning toys to the bin, cleaning up trash, and returning small chairs to the table. If you find lost clothes, toys, etc. please put them in the bin near the small picnic tables.

  • Please take care of pool furniture by moving it carefully, keeping it out of the water, and returning it when you are finished. We hope by taking care of it, we are able to purchase more next year rather than replace broken ones.

  • The clubhouse and pool cannot be reserved and/or used for commercial activity by a member or nonmember due to liability. This includes swimming lessons where a fee is charged.

  • If the trash bin near the gate is full, please take your trash home with you. This includes trash from clubhouse events, pool parties, or just pool guests. With the large number of clubhouse events in the summer, the bin fills up quickly.

One of the best parts of living in Berry Creek is our pool (just ask your friends!). Please help us keep it clean, safe, and enjoyable for everyone! If you have concerns, questions, or feedback regarding the pool, please contact us at

Thank you for your help!
The HOA Board