February Update and Recognition

for the Team of "Charmed I'm Sure"

Updates from the Nest

Please make sure to check in the O2 lounge daily for updates as well.

{Spring 3 incentive}

runs from
March 1st thru
March 31st

+ SHARE your life‐changing
O2 story with others
+ SPONSOR 3 new qualified
Designers* before
March 31st
+ SELL $500 PV in the
month of March
Work smart, stay
connected and help
your business soar
with your new O2
branded iPad Mini!


{Designer Sample Kits for New Spring Product}

Order your designer Sample Kit until March 31st, Designers are limited to one pack with a choice of SKU KT3004 ($208), or KT3005 ($98). Shipping on these starts March 13th.

{Retired Product}

Check in the O2 lounge for a complete list of retiring items, this information can also be found on your website by using the Bye-Bye Birdie tab.


Total Team Volume: $6353.15

Top 5 Individual Volume:

Stephanie Sprague $2,296.55
Rebecca Andrews $810.70
Kari Boswell $399.30
Tharon Caslow $363.20
Nancy Shipley $362.80