Should Parent Opt Out Of Vaccines?

By: Mallory Krueger

What is a vaccine?

A vaccine contains dead or weakened versions of antigens which is put into the needle so our body knows how to fight it off. An antigen is a germ or foreign substance. Our bodies produce antibodies to help protect us and help fight off the antigens. These vaccines help protect us if we are exposed to diseases in the future.


Around 90-99% of vaccines are effective, and in just one year over 2.5 million kids are saved from vaccines which is around 285 children saved per hour.

There are around 17,253 sets of parent who opt out of giving kids vaccines each year, and just in Mississippi they have on overall rate of 99.7% of their population has received vaccines.

Parent should not opt out of vaccines.

Vaccines should not only be given to kids but also to adults. If parent have vaccines they wont be passing on certain diseases to their kids, and future generations. The good thing about vaccines is that you will not have to receive them every day, and that they will be healthy for your body, and potentially protect you from future diseases. There is actually a greater risk of being hit by lightening than there is having a severe allergic reaction to vaccines.

On the other hand...

Some vaccines go against peoples religious freedoms. The first amendment of the constitution states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Many people believe that the government is intervening with their decision. Also vaccines could be costly.

Perspective on vaccines-Dr. More

"If there aren't getting their act together to even start the process, I'll discharge them within 30 days," says Dr. More, a member of the Orange County Pediatrics Academy.