The Geography of China

By: A Winograd

Rivers in China

One of the two main important rivers are the Huang He and the Chang Jiang. They are great for transportation. People like to travel and enjoy the rivers on boat! Each year, the rivers drop a lot of silt; great for growing crops. The two biggest crops are rice and wheat. China’s population lives on 15% of the Huang He river. This water provides for 150 million people.

Climate in China

In China, there are many types of climate. Southwest China is wet and tropical with some rain forest covers. The whole northwest side is covered with the Gobi and the Taklimakan Desert. The northeast can go down to -50 celsius in the winter. China has a variety of tropical, wet, warm, and freezing weather.

North China plain

The North China Plain has a long history of agriculture. It was built up by sand carried downstream through the rivers. It has fertile soil, hot and wet summers, and a precipitation of 600 mm. Their fertile soil along the North China plain grows wheat, maize, tobacco, cotton, and peanuts.

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