"An adventure for everyone!"

Where is this paradise?

The alluring Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa, just north of the Indian Ocean. Positioned near the equator this shocking country is sure to take your breath away.

What it is the weather/climate like in paradise?

The beautiful African coast has an amazing climate. Somalia is filled with lush vegetation during its rain season. The gorgeous land is in full view due to non varying topography. It is semi arid climate and a savanna. With the best of both worlds you can see two different climates with a simple road trip. Somalia has two distinct season of rain and non rain. If you are traveling around April through July bring your rain gear! Beautiful showers sprinkle over this thrilling country. Throughout the rest of the year you will need to bring your shades and sunblock. In the southern sector you will experience much colder temperatures around 70 degrees. In the northern sector you will experience tropical temperatures of 90 degrees.


Brush up on your Somali and Arabic for your trip! These two languages are the main ones spoken in Somalia.

Make friends in paradise!

Here are a few fun facts about Somali culture to make sure you fit right in! Using your right hand is seen as the "clean" thing to do, when shaking hands do so with your right. Don't be surprised to see a joyous wedding occurring for young teens. If you are a woman traveling in Somalia you can pack light! You only need one outfit that covers your hair, face, and full body. Camels are seen as sacred animals so be kind to the furry friend.
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Taboos in paradise

If invited into the home of a Somali citizen don't eat all the food on your plate, it will make you appear to be lazy! Also don't raise your hand to your head. If you are not in distress it will make you appear to be overdramatic.(Somalis don't like that)

Dig Deep into Somali culture!

The main subcultures are split by religion. The two main religions are Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslim. The change for woman is becoming very evident. Woman used to not be allowed to practice religion in Somalia but now are open to practice the Muslim religion. Woman have very high literacy rates in Somalia and are not forced out of school at a younger age than the men. This shift is showing a huge culture change in Somalia. Minds are changing and soon woman will be equal among men.