Gathering Blue By Lois Lowry

By Ashay Jain

A Dystopian Book

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Getting the blue, helps you.

As you may know, citizens of this village, our very own Kira has taken the job of preserving the Singer's robe. To keep the tradition of the robe alive, she must obtain dyes. Specifically, the majestic blue dye. The problem is, the blue dye is yonder off, hours away from our village. And by taking this journey to get the blue dye, there is a risk of encountering beasts. Beasts that have killed many of our fellow workers and even hunters. The blue dyes are the last piece to saving the tradition and remembering the horrific event we now label as the "Ruin". Join Kira in saving the Singer's robe!

“The blue was gathered in her hand, and she could feel it quiver, as if it had been given breath and was beginning to live.”