My Life!

By: Anyssa Espinoza

Where I was Born

My name is Anyssa Espinoza.I was born on December 16,2002 in Tuscon Arizona.The hospital TMC (Tuscon Medical Center), my mom,dad,and three sisters that were born there.I go to Los Ninos Elementary and Middle school.

My Family and Friends

My family is from half of Mexico and Phoenix. My mom is from here in Tuscon and My dad was born in Tuscon to but my dad's and mom's side both come from Mexico and Phoenix so that's what they have in common.I have three sisters their names are Lilyana Isella Karina.I have one dog she is a (Princess) her name is "Chikies" she is my friend.

My Best Friends

My best friends are Morianna Yvette,Estrella,Melissa,Nitza. The reason i love my best friends because they make me laugh and they are there when i need them.
Disney's Frozen Official Trailer


I love this movie i watch it everyday after school
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U have to love me and Arlette

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