My Digital Dossier

Loose papers

My digital dossier is pretty big by now even though Im only 12 years old. I post, like and comment on Instagram tweet on twitter and snap on Snapchat. All of these things leave a footprint.

How My Dossier is Filling Up

When I'm using social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube i always leave a footprint or create another file knowing that I've been there. I do this by liking pictures/ videos, saying whats on my mind on twitter and even posting picture or videos. Having a digital dossier can be as easy as searching up something on google that stays on your dossier. My dossier started even before i knew what the internet was because my mom and dad would always post pictures of me without my say in anything even though I don't mind that is related to me therefore making apart of my dossier. Like yesterday around 6 o'clock I posted a picture on Instagram that is apart of my dossier now and everyone who liked my picture that is apart of their dossier as well. What is interesting though is the fact that even after I pass away my dossier will still continue to grow because what if other people post something or say something at my funeral that grows my dossier. What if i grow up to be someone famous my digital dossier could blow up.