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Media Newsletter January 3-6, 2023

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Developing a new skill can benefit a teen in many ways. It can build up their confidence and give them something to talk about with people.

Teens can have the most negative self-talk about themselves. They can have a variety of insecurities about themselves as they work to better understand who they are and how they fit in the world.

Having good relationships with people is critical to happiness and success in life. Being a person that people enjoy being around and get along with can open up opportunities.

If we didn't seen much of it in our childhood, we begin to learn in our teen years that stress is a regular part of life. Teens start to learn how to balance school, extracurricular activities, and after school jobs all at once.

Good study habits aren't just for being a good student in school. As teens get older, all throughout their life they're going to have to learn things and be prepared to use that information to succeed.

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