Food chemist

by: Brian Hower

don't miss out!

food chemist is a great job to pursue! minimum need is a bachelor's degree even though the average pay isn't a huge amount ($33,402) by hard work you can work your way up to a big pay day. certification you need is called master florist which is transferable in other states. A great internship is an apprentice membership in society of Flavor chemist. There are many good jobs out there where you can get them at a university research, education and product development. The great part about this job is your able to travel, working at home is required . Now getting a promotion is up to the chemist, they're promoted based on experience , training and responsibility , so don't hesitate and get those hours in!

Why take a chance in this field?

  • Current number of profession : 10,790 , but the shocking part is the expected increase will go up to 14-19%!
  • entry average pay is from $28,750-$41,667,
  • benefits
  • life insurance
  • 401k retirement plan
  • profit sharing plan

Pros and cons


  • travel around the world
  • retirement is around the age of 60!
  • create something useful for citizens

  • pay isn't that great
  • always have to be in a kitchen
  • can be hazardous to your health