By: Shirley Mohan

Your Way to Success

You will face adversities, problems, people, who'll be a stop sign on the road to what you want and believe in. This Newsletter is to show people who went through things like that. No matter what, you can't find a shortcut to where you want to go without something to make you work harder, like a problem. Basically you will have to persevere and keep trying to succeed. "Never ever give in." said by Winston Churchill, when his country was struggling. Keep trying and finding different solutions to make things work. Don't give up, even if no one believes in you and it seems like there's nothing you can do. But you can do it if you believe in yourself and convince others, do just that and you'll be on the road to perseverance, going to get what you want. In this Newsletter you will find four people who definitely persevered in their life.

Adeline Yen Mah

In the story Chinese Cinderella, a girl named Adeline is mistreated by her family. They consider her bad luck because her mother died while giving birth to her. She's a very smart and talented girl but her father and her stepmother never pay attention to her. Her stepmother is always finding something to blame on her and her father neglects her, he doesn't even know when her birthday is. Even when Adeline was in the hospital for pneumonia, a person from her school came everyday and her father came only once, the rest of her family never came. As a young child her older brothers and her sister would be mean and harsh. Her stepmother spoiled her own children and was so kind to them but to Adeline, she would get every moment to yell at her and make her life miserable. But Adeline kept working hard in school and making new friends. School was a place where she could be herself and not be afraid unlike how she felt in her household. She won first prize in a writing competition, and this was the first time her father was giving attention to Adeline, but it's sad that it's only because the fact that she won and there was a money prize. Adeline does go on with further education but based on what she has gone through, what she has achieved in life is incredible and how she made it through and persevered is amazing.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson's story is like no other but his struggles were just to show people that he was a good baseball player. The cause for people not wanting him to play was because of his race and the color of his skin. People would treat him like he wasn't even a human because of that. But he wasn't going to let that get in the way. Robinson was living in a time period where blacks weren't allowed to be in baseball and even having equal rights. Branch Rickey saw the talent in him but others were judgmental of Robinson because he is black. Branch Rickey helps him get on the Dodgers which is a major league team. Robinson ends up being on the team but there's still things he has to go through such as teasing, physical pain, and mainly people making fun of him. The main adversity Jackie Robinson faced was people not accepting him for his race, but he shows them what he can do. The pain would have caused him to break but since he stood strong and did it for his family and people believing in him, he was able to be one of the most inspirational player in baseball.

Eula Hall

Resilience is a very important trait that Eula Hall definitely had. Eula Hall had grown up watching people suffer and she wanted to change that. She was determined to be a doctor, or at least someone who helped others. But what the problem was is that she didn't have a medical degree, or even the money to get one, and also financially couldn't have made her own clinic. But over many years she collected money little by little and finally had enough. She worked hard to set up her small clinic but there was just too much people coming and everything was disorganized. She had many difficulties with the location of the clinic, one time it even got burned down. She tried different solutions to everything that wasn't going well in the clinic. There were many obstacles she faced but she definitely put tons of effort into her clinic. Eula Hall always recovered easily from setbacks because she was very determined to make her clinic work. (Picture on the top right is her clinic)

About Nick Vujicic and Noah Galloway

Nick Vujicic: (differences)
  • Was born without 4 limbs.
  • A motivational speaker.
  • Has always had a positive outlook in life, has even found a way to write.
  • Since born this way, he doesn't even know how life would be with limbs.

Noah Galloway: (differences)

  • A person with a great personality, until he got injured, he seemed sad but then he got his life together.
  • Lost part of his left arm and his whole left leg in war, was part of the military.
  • Was on Dancing With The Stars.(After his injury)
  • He knows exactly how it feels to have all four limbs, but he has lost 2 of them.

Similarities with these men:

  • Both married.
  • Have had many adversities faced, but look where they are know.
  • Are making the most of their life and not letting physical issues bring them down.