Lifes Little Treasures

Everyone should Volunteer.

The foundation

The Life’s Little Treasures is a charity to help premature and ill children in Australia. Over 45,000 children are admitted into intensive care in Australia every year. Premature birth is the number one killer of children in Australia, which is why I want to donate to this cause. This charity was created to ensure that families who have premature children have the support from their communities to make a difference with their child. This foundation started in 1989 and has been influential to not only Australia, but the rest of the world. They have helped save an estimate of 26,700 thousand children. This foundation gives food and shelter to the families of premature children. I always wanted to donate to this cause because I was a premature baby and spent weeks in intensive care. Every since my mother informed me of my premature birth I was sympathetic towards premature babies and their families.

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This foundation is a very influential and is exactly why you should volunteer! To volunteer you could always call the front office or email them at their email address. Many people have donated to this charity, influencing many different families and children. The charity allows low income families to have a chance to prevail in life and help their child. This charity offers many opportunities for the families. One thing I love about the charity is that it not only helps the child, but also helps the families of the child as well, which is very beneficial.

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Statistical Facts.

1. This is over 14.5% of all babies born and translates to over 115 admissions every day.

2. 1300 of these babies weigh under 1000 grams less than a bag of sugar.

3. Children who are born prematurely have a 45 percent chance of surviving.

Facts about the Foundation

1. This foundation will donate money to the families of the babies.

2. The charity is located in Australia.

3. Australia is not the only country this charity helps raise awareness for.