Portland’s Best Real Estate Broker

Dale Holman Maine: The President Of Eagle ATM And Portland’s Best Real Estate Broker!!

Dale Holman Maine is the architect of his own fate. People would be envious of his success and popularity but they can’t imagine the hard work and dedication put in by him to achieve his dreams. Dale Holman Maine is truly an inspiration for so many people around the world. He began his career at a young age. He didn’t thought twice before taking any job. He was clear about his ambitions and so he thought it right to first gain experience of various odd jobs to emerge as a successful personality. He showcased his talent at a very young age when he was just 19. He was selected to represent Maine in the US Man of the Year contest. He won the Maine Man of the year contest to get a chance to participate in Mr. America contest. He began his career in May, 1994 as Outside Independent Sales representative in Macmillan publishing, USA. He worked there for 5 years and 6 months. After working for such a long period, he then joined left Macmillan and joined Sybex,Inc. as National Account Manager. Dale Holman Portland Maine was a dedicated employee who believed in consistency and was not a job hopper. He worked here again for a long period pf time i.e. 5 years 8 months. Then came the turning point of his professional life and he entered the real estate world. He started his own real estate company named Keystone Real Estate which offered commercial real estate services.

Dale Holman Maine provided every services right from sales, leasing, development and consultation under one roof. Soon he became a household name. His dedication and integrity marked his success and very soon he took over the Portland’s real estate world by a storm. Presently he is the president of Eagle atm and the sole reason for its huge success. He is fulfilling each and every responsibility regarding administration and management. He looks after placements, products, services and all system related issues single handedly. He deals with the customers disputes regarding fraudulent issues and satisfies them. He makes effective strategies and negotiates prices to optimize profitability. Undoubtedly, he is the man who has not just made his own career but has also influenced the lives of many. Dale Holman Maine is surely an inspiration.