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Engineering Ideologies Followed in Manufacturing Sealing Products

Tips and Corners of Engineering and Consumer Products

Protecting the tips and corners of engineering and consumer products is more challenging than manufacturing. As far as engineering and consumer components are concerned, protecting the corners or ends remains important as even small change or damage caused may lead to the product not working perfectly.

Why Sealing remains Important?

Several factors can lead to changes in shape or cause damage. For example damage can be caused in transit, heat/moisture or a chemical reaction, secondary process (painting etc.) to name a few. Therefore, application of suitable sealing products is considered an important preventive step which can save a lot of hassle.

Making of Locking Components

To meet the varying sealing requirements of different products engineers design protective caps and plugs with respect to the dimension required. In addition, the sealants are also produced by using ingredients that remain compatible with the product so that the product remains same from any sort of chemical reaction.

Caps and Plugs to Mask Different Products

Caps and plugs are produced to mask unlimited variety of products including bottles, tubes, pipe lines, corners of machine parts, sheet metal component tips, etc which are applied either to seal the product or to protect them from damages during shipment.

Finishing Products

Finishing products are designed to match heavy duty products and are manufactured with ribbed sides which help in providing tight sealing. In addition, finishing plugs and caps are also found to be helpful in protecting the coating, paint or electroplating of the products from being exposed to heat and moisture.

Engineering Ideologies Followed by Manufacturers in Designing Caps and Plugs

The demand for different types of masking products have created the emergence of cost effective and customized shapes of masking products which are also compatible with the material in which the product is made. Silicone tips and plugs, threaded and non-threaded caps and plugs, PVC and vinyl caps and plugs are some of the forms of masking products designed by engineers. Kindly Visit -

Making of Vinyl Tips and its Significance

Vinyl tips area flexible component which provides masking products of vibrant colour.Dip moulding technology is applied to produce vinyl tips. The tooling requirements for Dip moulding process is far more cost effective as compared or Injection moulding making it the process of choice for many customs made options. Vinyl tips also offer a higher heat resistance compared to Injection Moulded polyethylene caps.

The Necessity for Creating Plastic Bungs

Plastic bungs are effective sealing products used to seal variety of containers, bins, etc. The bung type of sealing provides protection to the product and is available in variety of shapes and sizes covering almost all possible application across many industries.

Creating Custom Caps

Sealing or masking requisites stay in many industries and therefore the demand for custom caps and plugs remains increasing as well as changing. Kelvindale is a leading manufacturer of protective caps and plugs serving several industries by offering customized high quality sealing products.

Kelvindale-Resourceful Place to Find Customized Components for Sealing

We produce customized caps and plugs, vinyl tips, injection moulded plastic plugs, plastic fencing component and many more products as per the respective industrial requirement.

To meet the changing trends and unique requirements of customers/industries manufacturers such as Kelvindale Products offer custom moulding solutions. With our experience of 60+ years we can find or custom mould to suit all requirements.

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