Why Buy Lightweight Strollers?

Why Buy Lightweight Strollers?

If you already have an everyday stroller that maybe you jog with or use on nature trails or the general outdoors, then I will bet that you find it heavy and cumbersome to take other places in the car or in your van. There are lots of cheap strollers out there a person can buy brand new to fill a variety of needs Best baby stroller. Don't think of it as excess, think of the practicality of your choice.

Small Car
When we had our first child, we spent a good amount of money on our main stroller. After all I wanted to jog with it, to take in the snow and on the beach, and I wanted it to be rough and tumble, ready for anything! And it definitely was. And while it would fold down very well, I had a tough time squeezing it in the trunk of my small car. My wife had a van and it was no problem for her, but on the odd occasion that I would have the mini and the baby, I needed a better solution. A lightweight stroller solved the problem.

The Mall
If you take your child to the mall or shopping with you a lot then the last thing you want is a large cumbersome stroller to wheel around those shopping aisles and store doorways. A lightweight stroller can solve this problem also. Most of them are very small, some hardly larger than your child! But they are very easy to move around even with one hand. That's the kind of convenience that you need when you are moving your child inside of a store and possibly holding something else, like a shopping bag, in your other hand.

Super Light
One of the great things about lightweight strollers is that they are super light! Both of the units that I have owned, the Jeep Universal and the Kolcraft Contours have both weighed less that 16 pounds! It wasn't very long until my child weighed more than the stroller. But both strollers were very capable just the same. Both units were capable of holding a child of up to 45 pounds.

Some Take A Car seat
When your baby is little and he or she is asleep in the car, it's often nice to simply scoop them up while they are still sleeping and put them in their stroller. Several lightweight strollers are designed for just that. They don't, in fact, come with a seat of their own, they are just essentially wheels and a chassis, but that's great if you have a good car seat. It makes it very convenient and Lightweight stroller easy to keep a sleeping baby sleeping!

A Practical Choice
A lightweight stroller is ultimately a great choice if you don't always want to take your entire system with you.
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