Ms. Mac's Memos


Curriculum and Title 1 Night...

Just a reminder that Curriculum and Title 1 Night will be on Tuesday from 5:30-7:05. Zaxby's dinner will be provided for staff at 4:30pm. Parents will begin visiting classrooms at 6:00pm. Please plan on being in your rooms or your presentation location by 5:50pm. Please let me know if you need any assistance in preparing for the event.

We are providing buses for parents to and from Curriculum Night, as well as a hot dog dinner. If you are not a homeroom teacher and can assist with passing out hot dogs, chips, and drinks, please let me know!

Staff Meeting instead of PLC...

This Wednesday, we will have a staff meeting instead of starting our PLCs.

In preparation for the Staff meeting, I would like everyone to bring an index card with your "WHY" written on it. Your "why" can be why you are at PSE, a teacher, in the Education field etc.

SILT Professional Development...

We will have our first SILT Professional Development on Tuesday, August 28th. All SILT members requiring a Sub, please put in for a Professional Day substitute. We will meet in the Panther's Den. The PD will last from 8:30-3:00.

Glows and Grows

Just a reminder we will be continuing with our classroom observations. This week we will begin leaving a "Glow" something going well in the lesson and a "Grow" one thing to consider revamping or adjusting.


Sometime this week I will be scheduling a time to meet with your grade levels and show you the new platform. Everything you will need for the TKES process this year will be located in the new platform, this is also where you will complete your pre-conference and orientation.