Sea Turtles

By Peter

Hard Shell Reptiles of the Ocean

Sea turtles are called the marine large reptiles of the order testudines. 7 species of turtles there are but 4 of them are endangered and 2 of them are vulnerable which means they are close to endangered. The average age for turtles are 52 years old. Also they are very ancient creatures.

The Hungry Animals In The Sea

Did you know that turtles eat about 5000 pounds of food each day, well they do and here is some of that 5000 pounds. Not all of the sea turtles are are herbivorous, carnivorous, vegetarians, omnivorous.

They might have 1-3 meals per day like us humans. They hold their breath for long periods of time hunting for food.

The Shells Of the Ancient Creatures

Their shells are made of about 60 different bones, and it has 2 different parts to it. But unlike other turtles sea turtles can’t tuck in their heads and legs.

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Life Cycle Of Sea Turtles

  • Baby Turtle

  • Juvenile

  • Adult

  • Migration

The females dig a hole with back flipper and then puts their back body and lays their eggs.
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The Enemies Of the Turtles

Their biggest enemy is surprisingly us humans, also tiger sharks hurricanes, fishermen’s nets and lines. The babies go to the water right away so they don't die.
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