Andrew Johnson

The 17th President

Johnson's Plan

Johnson's plan included the opinion and choices of the south and that the south should the best course for them. Following the role of the southerners he did not view African Americans as citizens, which he chose to deny them the right to vote. As Lincoln pardoned many of the southerns Johnson continued to do the same for many of the confederates that promised to stay loyal to the union.

Freedmen's Bureau

The Bureau was a government agency that would help and support freed black slaves. Following the making of the bill but then Johnson vetoed the bill and declared it was unnecessary.

Civil Rights Act 1866

The Civil Rights Act declared that all men in the south no matter color or race would receive the natural rights and also the right to vote.

Black Codes

Laws passed in the south to restrict the rights given to African Americans between 1865-1866.

"Servants shall not be absent from the premises without the permission of the master"

'Servants must assist their masters "in the defense of his own person, family, premises, or property"

"No person of color could become an artisan, mechanic, or shopkeeper unless he obtained a license from the judge of the district court – a license that could cost $100 or more."

Free Slaves

In my opinion it was better being a freed slave. As a slave you were ruled and had zero independence from your master. When you are a free slave you could do whatever you want but were limited by rights and funds.As a slave i would rather have my freedom and be independent then to be ruled and punished by my owner.