The Counselor Corner


Suicide Prevention Awareness

Thank you for taking the time to share the Suicide Prevention Training video with your students. It is a growing reality that suicide is on the minds of students and the statistics are staggering.

Following the video, please inform us of any students you may be concerned about. Please keep the flyer handy for quick reference. There are some extra flyers in the teachers lounge. You were also emailed some great resources for students so please encourage students to write those down in a notebook or put them in their phones.

We are grateful to work with such supportive teachers at SMS and have no doubts that you are some of the most caring teachers in the county!

Do The Right Thing

We are excited that the Gaston Gazette will continue to sponsor the Do The Right Thing program this year. This program recognizes students in the county who do the right thing in tough situations at school. ANY student can be recognized. Be especially on the lookout for students who may not receive recognition normally as this is a great way to encourage and support them.

SMS will send in two nominations to be selected as a finalist each month. There will be one middle school winner for the county. If one of our students is chosen, they will be showcased in the newspaper and invited to a luncheon during the school day along with the staff member who nominated them!

Please submit your nominations to Stephanie by Tuesday, September 15. You can email or submit a hard copy. Let's recognize our students for doing the RIGHT thing!

(If emailing: First, make a copy of the doc. Edit copy, not original, and email to Stephanie.)

Do The Right Thing Nomination Form

FIRST, make a copy of the doc. Edit copy, not original, and email to Stephanie.

MTSS Refresher

Now that students are settled and STAR testing is finished, we will continue with MTSS. Thursday, we will have a brief refresher meeting in the conference room during planning with your team. We have been informed that nothing has changed with MTSS this year. Please bring questions to this meeting.

Looking Ahead

Rachel's Challenge Kickoff------------------------------September 18

MTSS Refresher---------------------------------------------September 17

ACT Explore Testing Period (8th)---------------------October 1-15

Blue Devils Shout Outs

Shout out to Ms. Harvey and Ms. Arnott for being so awesome to work with thus far! This is going to be an awesome year! -Lockridge

Shout out to Debbie Springsteen for always being so willing to lend a helping hand. -Fox

Thanks to all 6th grade teachers for coming in early and preparing your classroom for orientation. -Farbo

Thanks to Tim & Lorie for making the school look so clean and beautiful. -Farbo

Shout out to Emily Mullins for all her hard work with our PLC! -Withers

Shout out for Mrs. Harvey! Thank you Tamikia for being awesome to work with! We are so excited to have you here at Stanley Middle School and as a part of the 8th grade! -Ballard

Thanks to Toni for dealing with all the chaos the first two days of school. -Farbo

I want to give an extra loud shout out for: Toni Wilson, Tonya Farbo and Stephanie Davis for their persistent and diligence in finding out if new enrollment and transfer students are from out of county or from out of state might be identified EC!!!!! The great teamwork to communicate to EC and get students in the correct classes as soon as possible. Thank you ladies!!!!!! -Blackwood

Thanks to Lori and Tim on how great the building looks!!!! They worked very hard all summer. -Conner

Thank you Toni Wilson for your extra help with enrollments! It is appreciated. -Davis

Shout out to Tamikia Harvey for doing a FANTASTIC job supporting our 8th graders and the teachers in inclusion! And for being a great team member to our EC team! -Hasper

Shout out to the SMS staff on a successful opening to the 2015-16 school year. -Conner

Nicole Martinez & Stephanie Davis

School Counselors